Happened to Google Graham Nash....

I stumbled upon this article, which says Crosby/Nash will be
making a record with David Gilmour. Three of my faves, so good news for fans!

David Gilmour took more than 20 years to deliver his most recent solo studio album, 2006′s ‘On an Island.’ It looks like he’ll be finishing the follow-up at a much faster pace.

News of the Pink Floyd guitarist’s current activities recently leaked courtesy of Graham Nash, who spilled the beans during an appearance on ‘Needle Time.’ Telling the host that he and his frequent partner David Crosby would be traveling to Gilmour’s studio to contribute vocals to the upcoming LP, Nash added that they’d be donating their services for the sessions.

“What the hell would it cost you to have David Crosby and Graham Nash getting on a bloody train to Brighton to sing with you?” Nash chuckled during the interview. “We’re musicians. We love good songs. We’ll sing them until we are dead.”

Although Gilmour’s never been the most prolific of solo artists, he’s actually been fairly active over the past decade; after following up ‘On an Island’ with the 2008 double concert LP ‘Live in Gdansk,’ he collaborated with British electronic duo the Orb for 2011′s ‘Metallic Spheres,’ which found him contributing guitars and vocals as well as co-writing alongside Orb co-founder Alex Paterson and Killing Joke bassist and prolific producer Youth. Nash, who contributed a co-write to ‘Spheres,’ also harmonized with Crosby on ‘On an Island”s title track; the duo later appeared as special guests on Gilmour’s subsequent tour.
Thanks for the info. Nash has also recently completed a book about his career and have heard him interviewed on a couple recent radio programs.