Harbeth vs PMC

Any suggestions, experiences with Harbeth S-HL5 or PMC FB1i? I'm torn between these in deciding for apartment use. The goal is satisfaction without neighbor complaints(above and one side). The system is Bryston BCD-1,BP-26, 3B-sst. I'm wondering how Harbeth vented woofer bass compares to the PMC transmission line at low volumes.There is no dealer here to audition.
I have owned PMC LB1 Signature and listened to the EB1i in my friend's system. I currently own the SHL5.

The Harbeth SHL5 will sound more full, organic and satisfying at low volume levels. PMCs sound leaner and more precise and usually needs to be played louder to get a full sound. The FB1i's bass will be tauter, punchier and goes deeper. The Harbeth's bass will be fuller, rounded and more textured. At low listening levels my vote goes to the Harbeth. Having said that the PMC-Bryston match has been a proven one. Nonetheless Harbeth speakers can match with many amps and will sound equally good with the Bryston. Good luck.