Hard of hearing

My wife is hard of hearing . I am looking for a wifi/blue tooth tv speaker system to put on a kneewall behind the couch. Need suggestions 


Ok . To set this straight my wife is not so hard of hearing that she needs hearing aids. According to her tests we just need to turn up the tv volume a bit . We live in a basement apartment . If we turn up the tv any more then it is now with our set up then it is to loud for the people upstairs so i want to find a different speaker set up.Putting two wireless speakers on.the kneewall behind the couch would be perfect if i could find the right ones . Just thought i would ask for help on this subject and not jump into her medical history and weather or not she needs hearing aids or what kinds of aids are best for her…..  

The firsthand hearing aid experiences along with some brand names is most appreciated.  Looks to me like I had better stop making excuses and get on with it.  Thanks for all the input

@curtdr i have Costco Phonak hearing aids. They work well but I am intrigued by your comments about the Windex Moment. Which model do you recommend 

Thank You


Widex Moment... I'm not sure if they have variants.

I have the Phonak Audeo Paradise, top level (there are three tiers) and even got the waterproof version.  They are customizable, firmware updatable, and adjustable as hearing profile changes, through a qualified audiologist.