Hard of hearing

My wife is hard of hearing . I am looking for a wifi/blue tooth tv speaker system to put on a kneewall behind the couch. Need suggestions 


If you go to Paradigms website or Ebay you will find Paradigm PW (Premium Wireless) speakers selling at a nice discount. The 600 and 800 models include ARC room correction which will tailor the sound to your room and listening positions. You can plug your components right into the speakers (they have their own amps built in) or if you subscribe to a streaming service or have music files on your network that you have ripped you can stream right to the speakers from your device.


I assume you have considered bluetooth headphones? This would allow her to adjust volume just for her. My partner uses headphones in our bedroom as she stays awake all night.

Thanks for the ideas as i know nothing about this subject. It’s now time to do some research. 

Most BT systems have audio lag. You are much better off wired.

Or much trial and error ahead for you. Stick with Amazon Prime.

I use a Sony SBS-XB13 for TV and music. It's small and I can put it right next to my ear or close to my good side. It can be plugged in or run all day on battery power. Only problem would be the sound delay, the Sony is fine but others are too delayed to watch TV with. 

The best new hearing aids, in addition to being customizable to one's personal hearing profile, also include bluetooth connectivity... The Phonak Audeo Paradise also has a specific TV broadcast device that further enhances direct to the aid. 

My late wife used to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to television. That seemed to work well for her, and myself as well, as she no longer had to play the TV at high volume to not struggle to hear it. There were no delay issues with the Bluetooth device she was using. although I kind of recall you had to make sure the device you purchased didn’t have that problem.

Later on she needed to get hearing aids. The hearing aids were able to directly receive Bluetooth signals so the headphones were no longer needed. However she said the sound of those, although loud enough, sounded tinny when listening via Bluetooth. So she stuck with the headphones. The hearing aids were expensive top of the line Siemens models that must not have been designed by audiophiles.


I wear hearing aids, Widex Momentum, and I’m happy with them. Loss of hearing brings a number of issues that if not treated on time could degenerate in total loss of the capability; therefore, I’d recommend you have your spouse checked by a hearing specialist first. I also agree that BT sound on the hearing aids is always tiny—question of physics as you don’t have big drivers on these devices and most weren’t designed to serve well streaming needs such as TV or music—so I’d also recommend finding a combination of hearing aids + over the ear headphones that would work best… good luck!

My hearing aids are bluetooth and I bought the TV accessory for them which works great. There is no delay. I would first try bluetooth headphones but then go see an audiologist and ask about aids that have a TV adapter. FWIW

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Phonak Audeo Paradise has a specific TV accessory.  And, the Widex Moment are noted as "musicians' choice" and are used even in recording studios sessions.  

And what r_pig says about getting aids sooner rather than later is also true... hearing can degenerate further as the nerves "go to sleep" in a sort of use-it-or-lose-it scenario.  Aids also help diminish tinnitus... I speak from experience as well as research.  Don't delay on the aids.  The two models I mention above are incredible technology... and I know that the Paradise, and probably the Moment, is firmware updated to continue to refine the already-awesome performance, so the hardware itself while pricey is also future-proofed for a decade or more; even the microphones can be updated physically, in addition to the software firmware updates.   And note: it's entirely possible to not even need bluetooth nor any special speakers once the aids are in the ears...!  

I was just researching a similar solution for myself. What I am trying to accomplish is dual sound output; the TV speaker and a headphone, IEM or airpods. That way, we can both watch TV without blasting the TV speakers.  My AirPods pair perfectly with the Apple TV and timing is accurate. But how can the TV sound still be on so she can listen?  

I am considering a Bluetooth transmitter that has a toslink input and should not interfere w the TV speaker. And I think it has a 3.5mm out for a wired solution in case BT is delayed. 

best solution would be to use my AirPods Pro’s and the TV speaker. I could use conversation mode so we could have a conversation while watching. Need to try and figure that one out. 


well... unless they BRING BACK good hearing, which is what they did for me. I had no idea what I had been missing, for twenty years or more. I am hearing better now than I have for at least twenty years... I’m 60 now, and I don’t remember hearing this well unless I think back to when I was in my 20s, maybe early 30s... My audio systems sound amazing, as does the rest of life.

I was actually worried that the aids would diminish my enjoyment of stereo, that they’d sound "artificial" ... TO THE CONTRARY, sir. What was artificial was my diminished hearing, which the aids corrected brilliantly. The new-tech aids are nothing like the ones available in the past, even the recent past. Their specs up to about 10k or 12k or so, rival extremely fine stereo gear.

When I first got my aids, I CRIED when I heard my stereo, the sound is so beautiful... Audeo Paradise, indeed! The aids completely re-opened my ears to fine hi-fi, and now I’m just loving it again. I am so relieved, and I enjoy not only my audio and video much more now with them than without them, but also the rest of my hearing life outside the hi-fi world as well, hearing a subtle wind rustle small leaves, sand slip down a bank, my cat Ranger quietly purring as he sleeps on the recliner footrest, etc...

It is my well-considered belief that many on this forum could benefit from the best of the new aids.... before one drops yet another 10 or 20k on a new amp, reaching for that elusive sound you once thought you glimpsed or imagine you might glimpse, get yourself to a top-notch audiologist and get your ears checked, and look at your graphs (you might be stunned)... then drop 5k on some top of the line Phonaks or Widex, customized and adjustable later as needed to your specific curve like a graphic equalizer and room correction software, bring them up gradually over the course of six months... a quality audiologist will do this for you: 70% for a few weeks, then 75, then 80, like that until you finally get up to 100% power, and be amazed.

thanks every one

for your help. I am not looking for hearing aids. What i am looking for is a set of wireless speakers that will work with my samsung tv and have no delay or so called lag. they need to go on a half wall behind the couch. If i need to buy a soundbar system then thats ok as long as there is no delay. thanks again for your help

I too have developed moderate hearing loss.  It was slow but Covid and masks forced me to get tested.  Tried the sams club and Costco brands and it sounded like I was in a tin can. Bought the widex moment and sounds voices improved immediately.  What worried me was how could the difital converter in this Tiny device match my dac.   The answer was amazing.   Did not realize how much midrange was missing.   Due to hurricane and a problem with the canal receiver, had to use the backup widex model lower model and was totally irritated listening and speaking  

@dawg007 "I'm not looking for hearing aids..." 

I do understand that was not the question in your post.  That said, if your wife is hard of hearing, why not?  She might be forever grateful, given a good set, beyond the TV watching... 

But, that's up to you and her.  

And I do understand your quest... because before I got my aids, I was on the hunt for just such a speaker; now, though, I don't need it. 

Ok . To set this straight my wife is not so hard of hearing that she needs hearing aids. According to her tests we just need to turn up the tv volume a bit . We live in a basement apartment . If we turn up the tv any more then it is now with our set up then it is to loud for the people upstairs so i want to find a different speaker set up.Putting two wireless speakers on.the kneewall behind the couch would be perfect if i could find the right ones . Just thought i would ask for help on this subject and not jump into her medical history and weather or not she needs hearing aids or what kinds of aids are best for her…..  

The firsthand hearing aid experiences along with some brand names is most appreciated.  Looks to me like I had better stop making excuses and get on with it.  Thanks for all the input

@curtdr i have Costco Phonak hearing aids. They work well but I am intrigued by your comments about the Windex Moment. Which model do you recommend 

Thank You


Widex Moment... I'm not sure if they have variants.

I have the Phonak Audeo Paradise, top level (there are three tiers) and even got the waterproof version.  They are customizable, firmware updatable, and adjustable as hearing profile changes, through a qualified audiologist.