Harm. Tech cables/wires good with Maggie

Does anyone have experience with Harmonic Technology cables (Pro-Silway Mk II) and speaker wires (considering 2 pair Pro-9 in shotgun to bi-wire since I only need about 2 feet to amps) with Maggies. My system is MG 3.6; TacT 2.0 RCS as pre-amp; Bryston 7B-ST mono amps; Marantz SA-1 Sacd player. Thanks.
I am using Harmonic Tech cables as you list in my system. I have no complaints. I have a Bryston BP-25MC to 4B-ST and the MG 3.6. You should do better with the 7Bs. I am using the shotgun 2 pair Pro-9 in 10 ft. lengths. IMHO it is very good. To go much better you must pay a great deal more. Purchase on this site to save. Happy listening! Jim
Thankyou for your post. Did you use the spades on the speaker wires to connect and if so what size spades?(I read there are 3 sizes) If you did use the spades how did you connect them to the Maggies? Did you try other cables/wires to compare? Thanks
Just wanted to say I like your system. Do you feed the Tact in the digital or analog domain ?
Thanks Joe. I have been working toward a system like this for 30 years and finally decided to start from scratch and just do it. I wish I could tell you what it all sounds like but the Sacd is to be shipped Friday so I have not heard it in the system. I am currently using a Sony ES series CD player with a digital out. The system frankly sounds quite good. The TacT has added the most to make the music sound closer to the real thing. It is almost scary. I can't wait to put in the SA-1. The Sacd is designed so that it will only feed the Sacd signal out analog so it will go into the Tact with Balanced analog connectors (as I understand it). The CD signal will go into the TacT Balanced digial. I will report on it when I get it all set up.
Cool. Let us know how it goes. Have you considered adding a subwoofer e.g. the Sunfire Signature ($1.9K) to the Maggies ? TAS reports (HP himself!) excellent results if the crossover is set at its lowest point (i.e. believe 40 Hz).
Thankyou for the suggestion. I have been considering buying that sub. I am going to see how everything sounds settled in and then try it. I will report back.