Harman Kardon Citation 22 speaker cable terminals & better cables

Hi folks,
I have had my two HK Citation 22 amps refurbished and am using them as mono blocks. The next thing I would like to do is use a better speaker cable. Right now I'm using some Monster Cable that is at least 10 years old.

The issue is the speaker cable terminals on the Citation 22's. These are by far not a standard design. You unscrew the end caps from the terminals, push a speaker cable through the center hole of the caps, fray the cable ends over the edges of the caps then screw them back on to the terminals. If I do this with say a pair of Morrow "SP3 Speaker Cable Pair -192 SSI Wires" am I destroying the integrity of the cable fraying it and wasting my money?


From the bit of research I've done, the following is an option to change the terminals:


I have no idea what type of "surgery" is involved with using that product, just found out about it.

For all I know maybe the Monster cable is going to give me the best sound I'm gonna get out of my 22's. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask about all this.

Thanks for any input.