Harmonic Resolution Vortex vs HRS Nimbus Couplars and Spacers

Hello Audiogon members …..I would like to hear from HRS owners who switched out their HRS Nimbus Couplars and Spacers for the Vortex feet. I would like to know if the switch was sonically worth the change as the Vortex are not cheap. Thank you in advance.  
Hello Audiogon members  - and yes I am going to kick start this old thread of mine again as Uncle Sam is going to send me some money back on my tax return. I am looking at the HRS Vortex's again and there does not seem to be a lot of press or any conversations for that matter here on Audiogon about this product. I would like to hear from members here on what their thoughts were on this product and if it did replace their HRS Nimbus Couplars and Spacers. Thank you.