Has any of you tried this for Cartridge break in

I unfortunately broke off the stylus of my cartridge. Mr Mehran has another on the way. My question is using a LP like On the Threshold of a Dream that has endless grooves at the end with music a good choice. I am going to try a ATMOS in place of my UNIverse on trial. Its going to be new and i want to get as much time on it as possible before i have to make a decision. Has any of you used this method for cartridge break in.
Also if any of you are using ATMOS let me no your thoughts.

I know most will want to know how this happened. For evacuation for Gustav i brought all of my system except my speakers. When we got back after a major cleanup i started putting my system back together. The turntable was last as its the most work. I had my Tri planar boxed with UNIverse still mounted. I installed the arm and noticed that the mono filament string that adjusts skating was off. Finding and replacing it i forgot to lock the arm down and the rest is history.
Sorry for your bad luck on the cartridge.
Hopefully you had no storm damage.
I would take such an accident as a sign from the ether.
Play records and not try to accelerate break in.
Too much risk.
ZYX sounds great out of the box.
I enjoy hearing such a fine device break in and evolve.
Best of luck.
I own the Atmos. It replaced my ZYX Yatra. Mine took about 70 hours to break in. The sound is fantastic. Very dynamic. Great on both jazz and rock. I agree with G m c. The Atmos sounds very good right out of the box. But be patient. It only gets better with time. don't rush it. enjoy the music and savor the changes.
Most cartridge suspensions are fully broken in at 50 hours give or take a few on either side.

Just play music.

I blew out a Zyx Universe stylus a few years ago. Remarkably a friend of mine did the very same thing on the next day.

GMC thanks for the kind words.
Slowhand many thanks for the update on Atmos
Audiofeil knocking the stylus off of my Universe is a real bummer for sure. Worst thing about it is i was straight as a arrow when i was blowing out my awesome Universe.
All i'm going to audition Atmos for the reason i listen to classic rock and roll more than any other music most likely 80% of the time. Money wise its not much less in cost. Mr Mehran is giving me time to audition and as we all know one of the best people in all of audio. I do know how good Universe is as i had that fine cartridge quite a while. I did enjoy hearing how it changed during its break in. I installed my back up Dynavector 20 XL for a analog fix for now. Many thanks guys for the info.

Sorry to hear about your disaster, but glad for you that Gustav went too far west to effect you much. Now you're watching Ike. Tough season.

I agree with the other posters. The UNIverse and Atmos both sound great OOTB, and open up in a fairly short ~50 hours or so. Much quicker than some other carts, and they never sound ugly.

Just play music and enjoy the ride. It'll teach you something about your new cartridge. The Atmos really rocks. It's a great choice for your music and a bit less finicky about perfect setup than a UNIverse. Enjoy!
Thanks Doug for the kind words. We are fine just a lot of tree debris. Ike is still a unknown where land fall may occur.
Paul and your fine review of Atmos was good reading. Mr Mehran left the door open if i want to go back with Universe if Atmos does not blow my skirt up.
I use a Zyx 4D gold, from My side of this world it's what an Atmos is called. Awesome for rock and Jazz but I also like the way it plays classical. Incredible soundstage depth and layering. Really improves as it warms up (all that time I thought it was the electronics that was warming up)

I'm near the end of my 2nd break-in (went unused for six months). Got great advice from Dougdeacon and the Zyx Gang on fine tuning. VTF 1.82-84, Anti-skate minimal.
Slitrains,I do hope you get situated in a safe and permantly happy way.....Staying focused on the things one enjoys,can be of real help in the long run.It definitely takes the edge off when things seem a bit too much....
I love your enthusiasm in the hobby,and it's obvious why you are so well liked.

I have had audio related problems for a rediculously long time,but am really trying to stay focused on my hobby.I was expecting to be "done" with it all,by now.Not so!!

The industry is filled with slow turnaround mfgrs,unqualified dealers(your association with Mehran is a good one,btw)and escalating prices on everything from equip to mods.It's easy to understand why some folks go in another hobby direction....BUT we love our hobby,so we tough out the hard times.

Personally I've been looking at the wonderful/very large music collection I've worked hard to acquire over the numerous years I've been collecting.It's THIS that keps me focused on the better times to come.

Once everything settles in there's nothing quite like pulling out a listening gem,and losing oneself in the music and great sound!

My friend "twice" broke his Titan's cantilever.He got the replacements in due time,and is now very happy again.

I had a lightning strike three days after my dad's funeral(two years ago).My audio room was about the only part of my home not harmed,but my desire to upgrade many components,and mod others,not to mention buying new stuff has turned against me,since.It amazes me how so many companies are not set up to give the kind of support once common in "audio".Virtually "anything" audio takes about forever these days.
Gives creedence to the phrase "if it's not broken don't fix it"!...Of course we simply "must" move ahead in our audio quest,so things will never change,but YOU certainly deserve to be safe and happy!

Let's shift ahead to around "this" Holiday Season....I have no doubt you will be posting about how "everything" has settled down,and you are ecstatic,once again, about your system performance....

I've no doubt that time will come!!

Good luck
Sirspeedy your post above is so true in todays audio world. There a lot of people looking to make a buck for sure. The loss of ones prized possessions is beyond words. We can only move on to better days. And no doubt we are the ones who can allow good or bad happenings to affect our spirit. Many thanks for the kind words and positive thoughts.

Rodgen i am looking forward to hearing what Atmos brings to my system. And yes on Dougs input and advise hes a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our analog passion and has tought me much on the subject.
Hey Stltrains, that ZYX/Evans G+SRX is certainly a great combo! I love mine.

Best of luck.
GMC your right on with ZYX Tom Evens phono combo. With my Redpoint its analog heaven.

Got Atmos today and just played my first lp. Using my Wally tracker i took my time and got very good alignment, tracking at 2 grams for now. Guys right out of the box the sound is mighty fine thats a fact. Some how i lost track of just how small that stylus is on Universe and Atmos compared to my Dynavector 20xl and can see how it would not take much for it to %#@)* break. Will give this cartridge a good listening in the near future and take it from there. And also use a lot of TLC.