Has anybody Cryo'd their complete amp-results?

Just wondering as I have the opportunity to cryo my tube amp completely, if any one has done it before and what was the resulting changes in audio quality. Also is it safe to do.
Thanks for the guidance, especially if it is risky.
Personally I would not do it. Too many parts that might be damaged by the super low temperature. Plus, my personal experience with cryo treating transformers, although eventuality positive, means waiting FOREVER to achieve complete break in.

You could burn out a complete set of tubes before the transformers settle in. In my experience, 8 months or longer before everything exceeds pre treatment performance in every way, depending on the design of your amp.

In fact, before I dunked the whole amp, I would want a guarantee from the cryo people that damage to parts and circuitry would be repaired in the event they ruined it.
I don't think that you will find any cryo company that would guarantee to fix parts damaged by cryoing process. I think that would be like asking a doctor to guarantee that you would come out of surgery 100% of the time. You know when you go under for surgery, there is a chance that you may not recover. The guy that has cryo'd some stuff for me does not recommend doing components. He has had a lot of negative results with capacitors. I agree with Albert's first statement, "Personally I would not do it."

Godd luck,

I was thinking of doing the same thing to my entire tonearm
and phono cartridge,but I'm backing away from the idea.
In your case I was told never to have electrolytics cryo'd.
I'm not sure if you have any of these in your amp.But I would deffinately get something in writing from them for guarantee if anything goes wrong.I will get my cables cryo'd
soon as a safe way too go.
FYI--electrolytic caps, some film caps and MOV's do not like to be cryo'd. Also, the plastic fascias and such can crack even if all the screws are loosened due to the expansion/contraction properties of different materials in close proximity.

Sometimes components are okay, sometimes not. It's a crapshoot, 7 come 11, baby!

I personally shy away from cryoing complete components and strongly discourage my customers from doing them. However, some people are adventurous and are willing to forgo the risks. If you like to bet longshots...

Have a great weekend, all!

Thanks all. It's very clear the risk is too great. I better stick with cables and interconnects only. There is no way I would get a guarantee from the cryo treatment people, and the amps are too dear to my musical heart(Wavelength Napoleons) to take such a risk. it's just the tweaker bug in us wondering if the step is worth it.
Once again thank you all for the great guidance.
Have a great weekend
When Ted Williams bats for .400 again, that's when I would consider cryoing my amp :-)