Has anyone auditioned the new Tact integ m2150?

Yes I know...Tact does little to reach out and create a really warm and friendly customer relationship...which has not helped to establish their product line as very accessible.

In any case, their new integrated amp, the m2150, they claim is finally shipping. Has anyone heard it? How does it compare to the expensive original Millenium Mk 2? Or to any other amps you have heard?

Thanks for your help. Tact does not seem to know how to build a dealer base for their products and their amps are seldom reviewed (except for Robert Green @ TAS, whose writing I always enjoy for its terse no nonsense honesty).

Thanks again for your help!
America, I'm sorry that I can't answer your question. I too am curious about this product, and agree with your feelings about TacT's business practices and Robert Greene' reviews.
Since there has been almost no response to this query I must assume that there is very little interest in this amp at this time.

Thanks Unsound for your commensuration. Perhaps the audio mags will one day get around to reviewing the digital field of amps as a whole...looking at all the offerings and giving an overview of how each amp sounds in (relative) comparison.

If you have a chance to hear it I would like very much to know what your thoughts are.