Has anyone compare Jolida JD-100 to the new JD-200

I currently owned the JD-100 which was upgraded by Mitch Singerman and I also upgraded the tube to the holy grail, Sylvania Black triple Mica 5751. I was wondering if it is a sensible upgrade to the JD200. I look forward for any comments or experience if anyone had tried the JD200. I like my JD100 currently but it just lacks the PRAT but midrange is awesome and highs are super sweet.
There is a member selling a used JD-200 out on Audiogon right now. If no one gets back to you maybe you can send the seller a direct message asking for their thoughts. The JD-200 looks like a tube rollers dream. It takes 6 tubes from what I saw online. 2 12AX7s and 2 12AU7s that are accessible from a top panel and then 1 12AX7 and 1 6N6 tube in the power stage. You have to remove the cover to get to those tubes. I'd drive myself nuts messing with all the different tubes.

Have you tried contacting Jolida in MD about their thoughts on the JD-200? Whenever I've spoken to those guys about the Jolida Glass FX DACs they have always been honest in their thoughts of them.
Don't know about the JD200, but your description of the JD100 is right on. A good aftermarket PC gave me much more bass and dynamics.

The 200 looks very nice; wait for the reviews.
From what I've seen online, the JD200 may be built and distributed by the Chinese Jolida company. It is not featured on the Jolida USA website.
Mitch Singerman might be able to give you a definite answer.
I have a Jolida JD-100 Parts Connexion level 1 mod, with additional mods - teflon caps.... I'm running 12AX7 Mullards. I've compared this cd player to several others including a Marantz 8003 but not a JD-200. Strange in that I've never found it to be lacking in bass compared to other players I've compared it to. I did notice the sound stage is slightly set to the back versus the Marantz being more up front. Highs and mids are musical and silky smooth yet detailed. The Marantz is a great player for it's price point and I thought my Jolida compared closely to it (not compared to SACD playback though). I recall the Jolida being a tad more musical but giving up a smidge on detail. Very close and I could live with either player. I've had my Jolida for about 5 years now and it's always worked without issue. I've just acquired a Doge 8 Clarity preamp, and Marantz NA-7004 server so I'm tapped out for a while. Hope to get a better cd player or DAC next year.
Yes, it looks like not many people has owned the new Jolida cd player. Im going to wait a little while and see what the reviews are like for this cd player. I have enjoyed my Jolida CD player too for a while. Never had an issue and looks like it is easy to repair too if it breaks. Hopefully it won't...and last many many years to come. For the money, I think this is a great buy. I have compared this to Cambridge Audio & Arcam CD72 and like the Jolida better. It is indeed more musical. Good for long listening without getting tired.
If you are referring to the Jolida Fusion CD player, it is quite good. I've heard it several times now as my local stereo shop is a Jolida dealer. It has a built in DAC and runs 6 tubes. The Fusion is about $2200 or $2300 new. There are 4 levels of upgrades which I have heard that run the price up somewhere around the 5000 to 6000 range. I personally have the Jolida JD100 myself. It is a wonderful CD player. New it was only $1000. Bottom line is if you can afford the Fusion, it is well worth the money, but if not( like me) and you can find a used JD100 (usually 500-600) give or take, it is a wonderful CD player for the money and still has tubes.
The real Jolida company in Maryland did not make a JD200 CD player. I am dealer. I know this for a fact. There is a company/dealer in Florida area selling knock off Jolida gear for factory in China that used to make Jolida gear, but their work was not up to par so Jolida got another factory. If you find a JD200 for sale it will be inferior, and fake. Honest Injun. The JD100 was discontinued, and replaced with a Fusion DAC transport.