Has anyone compared a Denafrips Terminator to an Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE

I know the Terminator cost more but, how do they compare in resolution, dynamics, tone, timbre, soundstaging, imaging, and engagement.
I read somewhere that some owners of the Terminator replaced it with the Tubadour III SE. If that's true tell us some of your thoughts.
I had two visitors who after they came to hear the Tubadour III SE, sold off their Terminator DACs and replaced them with the Audio Mirror.  I wrote a review on the Audio Mirror DAC for Stereo Times, that's why the listeners came over and found the Tubadour III SE a much more musical and natural sounding DAC.  If you want details on the presentation of the Audio Mirror piece, take a look at the review.
Terry, just out of curiosity, did either of your visitors bring their Terminator to your house and make their decision via a "side by side" comparison in your system? If so, can you offer some specific comments they made between the two?
Thanks Terry, I did read your review. That's why I'm curious about the Tubadour III SE Dac. Facten brings out a good point. If you Guys didn't compare in the same system, then how can you come to that conclusion.

Maybe your setup is more musical and natural sounding because of the rest of your equipment.
It would be nice to hear from people that compared them side by side in the same system.

Hey Guys,

Out of the two guest listeners did bring his Terminator over to hear it in my system compared to the Tubadour III SE DAC. He was some what
shocked how much more the Audio Mirror sounded "analog" with more meat on the bones 3D imaging compared to his DAC. Also, how much more liquidity and ease was in the system being driven with the AM DAC.

sorry to hijack the thread but I am interested with the tubadour as well and I was wondering how is it compared to the Primaluna EVO 100 DAC? If comparing it to specs and sound quality?
Thx Teajay,
That's the kind of info I was looking for! Hopefully, we'll get some more opinions and the subject.
@teajay Hi I bought the Orchid dac because of your review and also the DI's (:How would you compare the Tubadour III SE with the Orchid?