Has anyone compared the HMS IL Primo Digital cable

I am interested in feedback on how this cable compares to others you have heard.

If you have heard it, could you please tell me if it had RCA or BNC connectors.

Thanks in advance.

I did compare the hms to the ensemble gigaflux and in fact wrote a review on audioasylum a few months ago. I compared it to the ensemble gigaflux and found the hms to be much more to my liking. If you want to look it up it is in the cable asylum under my moniker gg. Since that time I have enjoyed it greatly and plan to keep it for a long time. Drop me a note if you have any questions
I have the HMS digital cable and it sound great in my system. I have compaired it to the PS Audio xStream, Cyber-Link Platinum RCA by HT and a Omega Mikro Analog V cable I used as a digital cable. The HMS was better by a wide margin.
The idea is to compare other brand with similar price range or even twice the price right? But 3-4 times more money for HMS is definitely not fair! The XStream I believe is better than most others costing twice the price including Audioquest, Acoustic Zen, JPS, DH Lab, Gut Wire, US military used custom cable that I have experience by a margin.
XStream strong area: natural, believable sound stage, very low noise floor, accurate yet musical, detail, detail, detail.
Yes. I compared it to the Valhalla, the Siltech G5(I forget the name - Golden Ridge, I think), top of the line Nirvana and XLO, the Silversmith, the Ensemble, and the Acoustic Zen. I definitely preferred the HMS.