has anyone got feedback on georgemark dac ?

Almost two years ago I had the chance to listen to a prototype first ovature and although I am a confessed digiphobe was very taken with the sound.A close friend bought one of the first production units but I never gave it a serious listen as he has a vpi tnt hr and a great lp collection.last month the tnt was getting a service and we put on a few cd,s. It was one of the first evenings I actualy stayed awake while listening to cd,s.Any way I ordered one and plan to use my arcam fmj system warming tool to drive it for a while.I have not seen a review or any threads at all.am not overly concerned about this as my ears make the equipment purchasing decisions.I didnt think it superior to my nottingham dias but just enjoyed the music for me a digital first.I am interested the opinion of others as compared to accuphase,dcs, Linn and the other big digital guns I have heard its a very reasonably priced piece.Maybe I am listening for something different in my music?