Has anyone heard an MBL 1531 with an external DAC?

I'm considering adding an external dac to my cd player that i can also connect my mac to via usb. The Dac's i'm considering are the Empirical overdrive and Arc dac8. I would be able to get a demo Arc, but not the Overdrive.

So, if anyone has owned the MBL, and has connected an ext dac to it, i'd be very grateful to hear your thoughts.

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Just a thought. It may be worth your time to consider replacing the 1531 rather than using it as an expensive transport.

There are CD Players out there like a Wadia S7i. It's a great CD Player and it's set up with a USB input. There's one for sale on Audiogon right now.

Of course, that's IF you find that you like the sound of the Wadia as well as or better than the 1531 or the 1531 as a transport into another DAC.

It couldn't hurt to try one and see what you think.

That's a good suggestion Chuck, and one that has occurred to me often. I do like the MBL, very much, and feel like it's part of the family, and would consider the 1511 if it had usb input as ext dac. I will keep it as an option though, so many thanks for suggesting it. Have you spent time with the Wadia? I have heard several, though not with my system, usually with Wilsons and ARC, and find them a bit to clean, but as i said, not my system.
Ah, yes, to answer my own question above, i see that you use the S7i, and that you have been along the crossover upgrade path to Duelund. I'd be interested in your experiences with this, i'm about to build my replacement's soon. It sounds like you are getting the communication from your music that you crave, which is great. Your user-name needs updating :-)
I do find the Wadia 581se, 781i and S7i clean, but that's what I look for in my music. I used to play in bar bands for 10 years, and from that I've become used to listening to see what each instrument is doing in a song.

That said, the Duelund crossovers have clean up the music even more. So much more that my wife noticed the difference right away (she has hearing aids).

Chuck, which gear did you use the Dueland crossovers in? Hope all is well and thanks for sharing.

The crossovers were taken out of my speakers and the external Duelund crossovers were made and sit behind the speakers on the floor on Audiopoints.

I also have Duelund pieces in both my CD player as well as my power amp. Duelunds, Duelunds everywhere, can't get enough Duelunds (until the money runs out, they're expensive). The same goes for Bybee pieces.