Has anyone heard the Moth Audio Sphynx preamp?

I have heard good things about this company and was interested in the Sphynx preamp. The looks are killer retro but they are special order only, they don't have a try it and by it program, and they won't solicit previous customers as references. Kinda paints everyone into a corner.

I bumped across your post while bidding on some cables and amplifier searching. I am considering a change in the road. There are a set of Marantz MA-24 45 Watt mono block Class A amps up here on Audiogon. I emailed back & forth with the owner. I have pictures. I'm drooling, they claim to deliver 50 amps at the 45W. Maybe a better match for my MMGs than the McIntosh's I have been looking at? Class A! Silky Soild State Sound! Warm your sandwich while hearing sound that melts you... Help, I'm falling off audiophile hill - aaaahhhhh. Call me if you have time.