Has anyone heard the new peachtree nova 150 ?

I would be connecting it to my Tannoy xt6f's . My other thought was the Marantz pm 8006. 
The Peachtree has more power and more connections. I have no Idea about current. Any
suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Other suggestions would be fine as long as they 
stay in the $1200.00 price range.
It's fantastic.  Perfect example of class D done right.  Runs extremely cool -- neutral to warm sound --- and has tremendous grip on the bass.  Go with the Gloss black because it is not only cheaper, but the wood color they have looks like of fake in person (even though it's real wood).
Can't recommend it enough.
I purchased a Nova 150 yesterday and spent several hours today listening. From the first jazz track, I felt something just did not sound right.  Next, I set the Decca 2 right beside the Nova 150 and compared the sound using my "reference" recording from Telarc and Sheffield along with a few other favorites.  The speakers were my Monitor Audio Silver 8s.  The highs on the Nova were "splashy" and harsh, and the vocals seemed a bit veiled as well.  I asked my wife to listen to a few tracks going back and forth between the two units.  She picked the Decca 2 every time.  Also, the Nova 150 emitted a disturbing high frequency "tick" when I would shut it down. The Nova 4 has at least 4 times the power of the Decca so I just knew it would make my speakers really sing.  I am shocked and dismayed.  The Nova 150 did play a bit louder before clipping  but the sound was just not right.  For the record, the Decca 2 played pretty loud . . .louder that my usual listening levels. I own another integrated amp so I decided to give that one a  try.  The highs and mids sounded superior to the Nova 150  as well.  Perhaps there is a defect in the unit I purchased.  Strange!  I have no explanation for the difference in sound.  With a heavy heart, i will be returning the Nova 150 tomorrow.  
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The Nova 150 needs at least 250 hours of break-in time before it starts sounding good.  After another 100 hours or so, the magic begins.