Has anyone heard the new Verity Lakme speakers?

Am very excited about this speaker, always loved Verity but was beyond budget, and this one seems priced right (still pricey), and gorgeous to boot, anyone heard it yet?
I have had a pair of Lakme Verity for nearly six months now ,and I am most impressed with them ,i wasn't sure to begin with during the first week with the base in my room 12 x 14ft, But as time went on around 2 weeks later these speakers really started to sing ,voices sound so so real and i have no more base issues. I have owned Mordaunt Short performance 6 ,Monitor audio PL300,Gato FM30 ,MBL 126, &  Boenicke W5S+, all good speakers ,but overall the Lakme Verity is sounding overall best in my room .The only other speaker i would consider at this price range would be  Boenicke W8S+. Youtube has one video of the Lakme Verity .