Has anyone heard this amp?

LM_Audio 216-A.

My dealer said it beats tube integrated amps from Rogue, Cary and Primaluna hands down?!??

The question is does the dealer actually have the other brands in question? If he does then what he may be saying could be true, however, if the "dealer" doesn't actually have Cary, Rouge, and or Prima Luna there to do a direct comparison then he is full of it and I wouldn't trust him one bit.

Now that is not saying that the LM piece may be quite good, the issue is that the only way we know how good something else is by direct comparison.
Tell your dealer to have the four of them set up on Saturday for a shoot out and watch him "pucker-up!"

Statements like the one he told you are never worth the oxygen it takes to make the statement in the first place unless you have all the parties on site to compare. Even then, your opinion or mine may differ.

Make sure you get a 30 day return guarantee with no re-stocking fee.

I did look into this amplifier, and it does have a few things going for it: Tone audio imports does import and distribute some truly excellent sounding products, and the build quality does look fantastic, especially for the price at least from the outside.

However, does it sound better than another brand is still only answered by a direct comparison, amp vs amp, and then it will come down to what you prefer.

Rogue Audio and Prima Luna are both highly rated products and the Prima Luna does have many similarities in design to the LM amplifier, so again, if you are not convinced just by listening to the LM amplifier without any comparisons to any other products, you are still going to wonder if any of these other products are better.

However, again the better issue is still subjective and then better in what ways? I would think It would be virtually impossible to a/b all the amplifiers you mention.

What I would then recommend would be to listen to the LM amp and see how well it compares to a much more expensive tube integrated and if the LM comes close and sounds good with your speakers just buy the LM.