Has anyone listened to the T+A PA 2500R integrated amp (VS. Ayre AX5 TWENTY)?

Thinking of getting the A+T PA 2500R intergrated amp, have read great things about it but can not audition one since there is no dealer close by. Looking for input on this amp. My speakers are Wilson Audio Sasha 1. Other choices were the Ayre AX5 Twenty or Pass Labs INT 60 (these are my choices since I am trading in an Arcam A49. 
I have no specific knowledge of T+A products.  But a point you may want to consider, if you envision the possibility of eventually upgrading any of the source components you listed in your other recent thread, is that your flexibility in choosing among potential upgrades may be limited by the particularly low input impedance of the PA 2500R (specified here as only 5K balanced, and 20K unbalanced).  Although I would not expect your present source components to have any problems dealing with those impedances.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
Thank you Al, the only thing I may change is the DAC. I only have space for an intergrated. Every seller likes their products the best which is why I am also reading as much as I can. The T+A dealer also sells Wilson Audio and swears the PA 2500R is amazing with the Sasha 1.