Has anyone recently had any slow response with Sound-Smith repairs

I have been waiting quite some time now for my cartridge to be returned after sending it for some warranty work up there in Peekskill. They received it on December 15 and I'm still waiting for it's return.They are always polite when asking for my patience but you know how long can this take?does anyone have any experience with Peter and the crew?
Soundsmith received my phono cartridge for repair on Oct. 20 last year and it was finished on Jan. 29. This was not warranty work. The wait was about what I expected - they don't promise a rapid turnaround. I found them very pleasant and straightforward to work with.
There is another long thread on this topic. Turns out Peter Ledermann has been dealing with major illness in his family, and he is the one and only one who can sign off on a rebuild. This seems to have slowed them down a bit. Based on the testimony of some others, your wait so far is not unprecedented and may even be on the low end of the time frame. PL is doing the best he can, I am sure.

4 months isn't bad relatively. I heard from the thread mentioned by lewm quite a few people was waiting over a year... If not done in early 2017, bug them again.
4 months for warranty work does not sound right. In the other thread, Peter mentions that he will prioritize rebuilds of his own cartridges and shoots for a 2 - 6 week turn around. That's a rebuild, george99sa is talking about a warranty job. I would think those jobs would go right to the top of the queue.
Who else offers service on repairing/rebuilding cartridges?

I am considering having an Ortofon cartridge checked, and I was thinking about using Soundsmith, but if they are overloaded, I am willing to try other service providers.
I recall reading about someone out in the North-Western USA?
I sent mine in on January 28 and will be getting it back on Monday. This falls within the time frame allocated. 

Peter does the best work and it is worth waiting. He is the only one at soundsmith that does this work and due to family issues has delayed some work. If your cartridge required more work, and a retip does, it can take longer.

Believe it or not but a retip is more labor intensive than replacing the cantilever.

Who else offers service on repairing/rebuilding cartridges?
John, I have had Andy do several rebuilds for me because of the back log at SoundSmith, ( I have had nothing but excellent work done by Peter, this was just because it was going to take to long).

There has been some recent problems I have read about with Andy, but I have always had great service from him.

Thanks for all the feedback I do know about the Illness and of course I hope them the best.I guess I'll just wait a couple more weeks and inquire again.I am confident the work will be done right at least.