Has anyone tried Tekna Sonics on floorstanders?

These vibration absorbing devices have been around for quite awhile and I was wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with them? I have large floor standing speakers (Silverline Sonata 2's) and it seems like they would be ideal candidates for them... I hesitate to try mostly because I worry about attaching them to the speaker... are they glued? Will it mar the finish? and are they effective? The Sonatas have 2 x 10" bass drivers (ported to the back) as well as the midrange and hi frequency drivers above. Any ideas / suggestions? I'm driving them with VTL Mb-125 monoblocs with a Sonic Frontiers Line 3. Lots of jazz, chamber music, and simple vocals.
I have them on my speakers. They have a self-adhesive on a big flat magnet and the baffles attach to the magnet. I haven't noticed any marring and I've taken them off reapplied them to my speakers several times. These are more effective on underdamped speaker cabinets. I am not familiar with your speakers so I can't comment furthur on their efficacy.
I think a Symposium or similar shelf would be better than the Tekna sonics (though I have used them before, and they are good).

www.audio-resolution.com makes a nice one; not as pretty as Symposium, but functionally excellent.

My 2 cents....
First off, I have not tried these, however I thought about giving them a try a few weeks back. I did a search on the web for Tekna Sonic and found a review where they tested these and found no benefit whatsoever in their ability to dissipate resonant vibrations. Like any review, you can't just assume it won't work in your situation, with a different cabinet structure, but it's at least worth reading before laying down the cash. I will say this article made me think twice about buying them. If you decide to try them, I would be interested in your results.
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Thanks for the input guys, I'll let you know if I choose to go for it. Regards.