Have Hiss-Need Help ASAP

I have background noise or hiss with all my amps and pre-amps.I thought it was a bad audio research tube pre-amp at
first and when I hooked up another pre-amp and amp it still
is there.It goes away when you turn off the power amp.And comes on when you turn on the power amp.I have tried using
different power outlets,speaker wire,etc.I have tried 3 amps,and 3 pre-amps and it makes the background hiss on all
of them.Could it be the RCA cables?I need help with this
please,this is driving me CRAZY!
steve, ewe could also be experiencing ground-loop hum - try a cheater plug between the amp & the wall, & see if the hum goes away...

doug s.

Steve: Are you married? It could be your wife. Mine sucks her tongue a lot (which makes a funny noise) when I pay too much attention to the gear.
Get a three prong male "Receptacle Tester" from Radio Shack or your local hardware store for $4 to $8 cost. Check all your outlets to make sure they are wired correctly. Sometimes the Neutral & Ground wires are reversed causing a ground loop problem due to ground differential. All the gear works with the wires reversed, but you get the hissss.

Step two is to use a piece of wire to connect the component chassis together to help equalize their ground potential. Connect the wire from chassis bolt on component A to a chassis bolt on component B. If the hissss goes down you can come back and fashion a better chassis-to-chassis ground jumper with the advice of a pro.

Defeating the ground wire on the AC cord with a "cheater plug" can be dangerous. Sometimes that ground wire is used to ground out voltage that may be present on the chassis. Without the ground wire the voltage is still there waiting for a "path". You could become the path by touching two components at once and get yourself a little love shock or in some cases a real doozie up to 120volts.
while using a cheater plug can, in theory, be dangerous, the *path* for ground woltage is generally dissapated thru the interconnects. using a cheater plug is basically dangerous when the equipment it's used on is not connected to anything else. i've had hum problems in the past, and i've tried the suggestion to hook wires between the chassis' to no avail - perhaps cuz they're awreddy connected, w/the interconnects? re: using a circuit thester, this sounds like a great idea, as ewe seem to be having the problem regardless of what combination yure using...

doug s.