Hawthorne Open Baffle speakers??

Anyone out there had any contact or heard these speakers? I have emailed several times their site, with NO response.

Then you are probably not e-mailing Darrel Hawthorne! Go to his forum or his website & try again, he usually gets back with me in less than a day. he responds to forum Q's very fast.

These are really amazing speakers, been enjoying them immenselyt he last few weeks. Figured i'd search hawthorne here and rac across your post, definitely give the SI's a shot! they are insane. huge 3-D everything, correct tone, loads of bass.

i bought stereo powered 12" subs not long ago, selling them now. can't keep up, the SI's are SO fast its nuts. a lot of fun. listening to them as we speak. simple to make baffles that are about 2"-3" around the driver, not much more is needed.

The Sterling SI's should be out this summer.

i'm debating getting auggies which is why i searched...

there's nothing these can't do better than most speakers, and mine aren't really broken in. they completely disappear.