HDMI cables are all the same?


Are all interconnects the same? Are all power cords the same? Are all speaker cables the same? No, they are not.

I have used numerous HDMI cables. I have retained two different brands. For the bedroom and office connections to the satellite receivers, I use inexpensive Monoprice cables. When I use my main television in the den, I use Wegrzyn Silver HDMI cables. They connect my satellite receiver and Blu-ray player. These cables yield more detailed sound along with richer colors and a sharper image.

I did not believe there was that much difference until I tried the Wegrzyns. I will admit that the difference is not substantial but, if you are looking to get the best performance from your 1080i, the Wegrzyn will definitely show you a difference. I will be purchasing at least two more within the next year.

I don't look at the specs. I trust my eyes and ears. Try one, you'll really be glad you did.
I had Blue Jeans and replaced with a cheaper brand and got better image quality. Viewing was on my 65" Panasonic Plasma.

I returned the Blue Jeans and got my money back. Yes, HDMI are different.
The differences are subtle, to my eyes. I tried Blue Jeans, Monoprice, etc. I wound up with Wegrzyn at considerably more money, because it resolved background details better on my Panasonic plasma. Basically less digital noise and more precise imaging...but I admit the distinctions were not night and day.

And yes, I will get flamed by certain 'GoNers for this opinion.
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HDMI is defined by standards, e. g. EEEI. So, if it called HDMI, it should meet those standards, regardless who makes it. Are there defective cables out there? Sure. Are there people making HDMI that do not meet the standard? Sure. So, if it a true HDMI cable, there is not difference. I am a fan of monoprice, and I have compared their HDMI cables to ones costing twenty times their price, and I can not see or hear any difference.