hdtv antenna

Will hdtv antenna pull more channels out of off air broadcast signal?Is regular tv antenna equally well for the job?
You are talking about two kinds of transmissions. HDTV comes in on it's own UHF wavelength. It will not pull in regular programming.

The more important question has to do with digital broadcasting in your area and what kind of antenna to get. You need a clear line-of-sight to the antennas that are transmitting. Go to www.antennaweb.org

Also, www.AVSFORUM.com is a good place to go.
You might want to check out avsforum.com and view their HDTV threads - more info that you could wish for. Key questions are where you live, and more specifically, can you get line of site to a nearby transmission tower based on how you intend to mount the antenna (a 10foot pole from chimney is the way I went).