Hearing Aids in 2023 .. Questions

My hearing has always been bad and audiologists have told me that they can’t help me. This is because I was born with a loud tinnitus. Now, any loud noise masks frequency bands that are needed to understand speech and I feel more like I’m listening under water. So, I’ve scheduled an appointment with an audiologist, but would like some advice.

Are there hearing aids that you want to wear when you listen to music. I’ve always considered them to provide a low quality audio path. Are there hearing aids that are better than others for listening to music?


I'm 70 and have used hearing aids for 5 years. Signia, programmable aids.

I take them out when listening to my system.

Difficult? Yes. I only really enjoy it when the family is out.

However, it seems crazy to me to have paid MANY thousands of dollars on my system to have the overall quality reduced to the quality of my hearing aids. Their quality is well below the quality of my system.

Good luck with your research.

Wow, lots of variables here and like everything else, the results seem to be quite individual.  I didn’t expect so many great responses.  They are appreciated.

Does anyone have the condition of one good ear and the other requiring a hearing aid?  My wife dislikes the un-natural sound reproduction of her current hearing aid.  In other threads, Widex Moment 440 is highly recommended.

I’ll second the Phillips from Costco.  I’m very pleased with the music option.  This was my first pair, and it took a few months for my brain to recognize frequencies it had missed for years.  But you have to leave them in all day, everyday for that to happen.   Embarrassed that I had been blasting other people’s ears, so that the sound level worked for me.  “It’s the loud music that made you deaf”.   Nope, tinnitus and frequency loss came first.