Site problems and questions.

Have question to all including moderators here:

If I click on member moniker, should I at least see any descent communication link or chat bubble so I don't have to punch my personal message into forums?

In other words, how do you PM another member? This feature was clearly visible before, but now ain't


I believe each member has the option of including contact info in their user profile?  Appears many have elected to omit.  

@czarivey   I can't PM you but I can PM lowrider57.  When you look at your profile, did you fill in an email address?  That may be the key?

@lowrider57   That's strange.  When I click on your name, I get details including the PM option.  Not so when I click on czarivey.  I have told my story and will say no more.  🤣


Clicking on name vs clicking on avatar brings up 2 different options. 

For what it's worth... 

Click on the username and ’message user’ option is there at bottom.

Piece of cake.

It seems like all responses are correct. If you're the OP of a thread, clicking on the user name will take you to his profile and clicking on marketplace feedback does get one the option to send message.

Clicking on the name of a member replying in a thread has a drop down menu with message user at the bottom. 

It's a win-win!

All the best,