Heed Quasar or Jasmine Audio phono stage?

Any opinions,feedback,and preferences are appreciated.I realize these are at slightly different price points but both seem to be well received.Thanks again.
I have not heard the Jasmine unit, but have the Quasar in my system for the past couple years. I purchased mine as a demo for $750 (full warranty) and am entirely pleased with it.

I'm running mine with a Dynavector DV20XL and have plenty of gain. Tabriz Zi arm on Xerxes table.
Thanks for the response Tmiddle.Did you audition a few stages before you decided?
I'm not familiar with the Quasar, but the Jasmine is very nice and for the price of the Quasar mentioned above you could add a Bob's Device SUT and really be cooking.

I've owned a leman black cube, rogue stealth, eastern electric minimax and a nighthawk and the Jasmine is on another level.