Hegel Design Flaw?

I recently had an unfortunate experience with a Hegel H20 power amp. And I know of someone who had a problem with a Hegel integrated a couple of years ago. This leads me to believe there may be a hidden design flaw with some Hegel products. Has anyone else had problems with Hegel?
2 problems does not sound like a trend to me. Do you have a reason to believe the two problems are similar and related to the design, as opposed to a bad part/batch of parts or a slip up in QA/QC?

Certainly not a trend. A rare but possible flaw. I have no indication of exactly what may be happening here and if these 2 cases are related. It just seems odd to me since the Hegel head office were not only dismissive but "me thinks he doth protest too much". What's the point if there is indeed nothing wrong? This sent out a warning flag, in my mind, that there may be something going on that is not being acknowledged.
2 bad units out of their entire production run of several years hardly sounds like the stuff conspiracies are made of. I do think you protest too much...

I'm sorry, but this has to qualify as one of the most ridiculous threads ever. First of all, if the OP is not stating what the "flaw" is, how could anyone weigh in on whether it is a malfunction or possible operator error? I agree that 2 out of thousands doesn't sound like a trend. Also, why is this posted under "cables"?
Sabai - Do you know of any manufacturer that has never had a problem/failure?