Hegel + Raidho

Does anybody own or tried to match Hegel amps with Raidho monitors, particularly their integrated amps (H80/90, H160/190 or H300/360) with Raidho C1.x or D1? Could you please share you opinion? Thanks
My H20 failed with a pair of Raidho C1.1s. As I suspected a design flaw, I contacted Hegel. They demanded that I dismantle my system to find the source of the problem, as their unassailable amp could not possibly have been the cause. Their demand was accompanied by an ample dose of verbal abuse -- with the telephone hung up by a Hegel executive. After that excellent introduction to the Customer Relations expertise of Hegel company executives, I reverted to my Atma-Sphere S-20 and everything was quickly back to normal -- in my supposedly flawed system.

My advice -- forget Hegel. There not only may be a risk of an unacknowledged design flaw -- but Hegel will never back you up if there is a problem. And you may get an earful of abuse from them to top things off. The Hegel management are high-end audio Neanderthals -- IMHO.
I know that it seems like a good idea to connect some super speakers to a very well reviewed integrated amp. Sometimes these things are like sticking square pegs in round holes (the two just don't fit). I would try some more adequate electronics for the demand.

Matt M  
Thank you gentlemen for your comments. The synergy is exactly what I am after. Looking for a hint or two, even before arranging for my own audition. It could save me the time and redirect in the right direction. I have had a personal reason to try first with Hegel but... the selection of amp out there is overwhelming. I read nearly everything here on Forum on the issue of ‘the best amp for Raidho speakers’ and left with a long list of candidates. Unfortunately, the majority of proposed each cost over 5000 USD - my budget for the integrated. Looking for smart but specific suggestions, insisting however on Raidho monitor, as my starting point.
Raidho C1.1 and Atma-Sphere S-20 -- with Paul Speltz Zero Auto Transformers -- are a match made in heaven. Michael Borresen questioned how much headroom would be available to me with this combination but I rarely need more than 50% volume to fill the room with sound. You cannot beat OTL with Raidho speakers, IMHO.

I would also not look at that to be a good pairing. The Hegel gear is neutral and has great bass and dynamics, it is a bit on the dry side.

Rahido speakers need some added warmth of they will be sterile sounding.

Our shop sold many major intergrated amplifiers from Hegel, Luxman, Naim, Electrocompanient. and there were two that really stuck out.

The Unision Reserch Unico beat every other integrated in terms of musicallity and sound staging, it is a hybid of tube front end and solid state output Their brand new Unico 90 is one fantastic integrated at $5k

The Electrocompaniet EC 6dx was fantastic in a few different areas and you get a great dac and streamer built in. Very musical, and totally engaging in every way. 

We also have a Norma Revo 140 demo which would be a fantastic piece for you as well, and the demo would be in your price range.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Thank you Audio Doctor for your suggestions. I will take them into consideration and audition. Do you have a pair of Raidho monitors C or D on demo for me to audition them with electronics suggested? As it happens, I live in Toronto and to take the speakers twice through the border is quite a hassle nowadays, even with proper papers. 
Sabai, I’ve got Raidho C 1.2 and I would like to copy your proven audio system, starting with addition of Atma-Sphere 30 (or 60) and autoformers. Could you please provide me with the details of your entire system, including cables and accessories? How critical are the original stands for C 1.2.?
 I plan to add Lumin, aurender or auralic at front, as I listen 80% to the classical and jazz, at relatively low volumes and only from external portable hard disks. Musicality and impression of listening to the real thing are most important to me. Thank you in advance. 
BUMP; My h360 breathed life into my salons when I swapped the parasound A21 out for it, surprising as the power ratings are identical into 8 and 4 ohms, so for fun I carried my R107/2's down to see what magic the Hegel would do and maybe because I couldn't put the kube in the loop or whatever, for as much as the h360 improved my Revels it disappointed paired to the kef's!