Heist/ crime songs

Just listened to Charlie Robisons “desperate times” great heist gone wrong song , right up there with “the road goes on forever “ I can’t really think of any popular or rock for that matter crime tunes. They’re all Americana or country .?


@reubent Thats so funny, I just put a bunch of Pavement on my playlist this week but you stumped me with this one.

@bikeboy52  - I'm not even much of a fan of Silver Jews, but I love this song. It's a hoot!

"Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts" Bob Dylan

"Take the Money and Run" Steve Miller

"Folsom Prison Blues" Johnny Cash

"Hey Joe" Jimi Hendrix / Roy Buchanan

"I Shot the Sheriff" Bob Marley

"Desperado" The Eagles

"I Fought The Law", written by Sonny Curtis, the hit single and best version by The Bobby Fuller Four. The worst version of this fantastic song I've heard is that by The Clash, in which Joe Stummer brutally bludgeons the song to death.

"Long Black Veil", my favorite version being that of The Band. What other Rock ’n’ Roll band would have in 1968 recorded an old Country & Western hit by Lefty Frizzell?!

"Highway 17" by Rodney Crowell, found on his The Houston Kid album (in my opinion a perfect album).

Also on the album is one of the best songs written and recorded in the past fifty years, "Why Don’t We Talk About It" (no doubt a song Tom Petty wished had he). Another is "I Walk The Line (Revisited)", with a cameo vocal by Johnny Cash.