HELP FedEx Mangles Speakers - Refuses Claim

I received double boxed with ample foam padding top and bottom - large, expensive speakers that are crushed on the corners and bottoms. I took dozens of pictures while unpacking, have all shipping materials, filed claim, met with claims agent. I did it all correctly and was denied via form letter. Any legal referrals, appeals, BBB, class-action process help etc., is appreciated.
I use fedex regulary . Whenever i pack a item and ask for insurance they open the box to see if it was properly packed. If they see it is not they will not insure it until it meets their requirements . If it is they will insure . So for them to deny because of improper packing does not make sense . I assume they must have opened the boxes to see . If they did not that was probably a employee mistake.If they insured it and it was damaged it is their fault .
Hi, I had a set of VA Strauss, 150lbs each, shipped to me in original boxes (not double boxed) insured and they were almost destroyed by FEDEX. Corners smashed, woofer completely dislodged from its mounting, tweeter dislodged, they must have been dropped from a height to do this much damage.

Anyway, made the complaints and at one point was yelling on phone to the claim rep from Fedex. Got estimates and finally got a settlement check. Got a piano repair guy to do estimate considering the furniture grade and musical nature of these boxes.

Speakers got fixed up and sound great. FEDEX, forget it for shipping such items. Be persistent. Good luck, not an experience I would want to go through again.
Take them to small claims. I used UPS Store to ship an expensive item. It was damaged and they helped me with the claim. When it was denied, I loooked to the UPS Store to pay it since they sold me the insurance. They denied it too. I filed a complaint in small claims for $2500, and 1 week from the trial date, I got a call from UPS Store to tell me a check was waiting for me.
AFAIK, in small claims neither side can have an attorney. Theoretically, this puts you on even footing with the giant multinational corporation.