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Mine is on the way! 
I wouod like a power cord recomendation that's in the budget category
Anticable makes a good budget cord 
Which SS integrated amp to choose?
I own a Pass INT 150 and love it. It drives everything easily and operates in class A the first few watts. 
What are you using to drive your Tektons?
My Pass Labs INT 150 works great! 
Manley Chinook - chronic issues
I have a chinook and it’s been trouble free. Your issue sounds like bad tubes to me. Maybe it’s overloading with incorrect settings? But you switched tubes and the distortion switched too. That’s a sure sign of a bad tube. Contact Kevin or buy som... 
Pick my next tonearm....PLEASE
Origin Live  
Room Treatment
I have GIK too.  Call them or send a pic of your room and they will tell you where to start 
Herron VTPH-2A or Manley Chinook mk II phonostage
I run my Zephyr MIMC Star into a SUT and into a Manley Chinook with great results.  
Selling a very rare album
phono preamp for the ortofon 2m bronze
Ifi iPhono  
Measuring turntable speed
KAB speed strobe.  
Value of mint condition first pressing of Sgt. Pepper?
Look at Discogs.com  
New house, new amp, and speaker options (Harbeth, Maggies, GMA or...?)
Or a smaller Harbeth with a Rel sub?  
New house, new amp, and speaker options (Harbeth, Maggies, GMA or...?)
I heard the 40.2 and I think it sounds awesome. Keeper for sure  
Schiit Mani or Cambridge duo or Mofi ultraphono for a phono stage.
I like the MoFi - has a mono switch which comes in handy