Help gaining knowledge on SET

I live in an area where there not many dealers and there are no dealers of SET. How can I find out more info on different types of SET amps/tubes and their sound, SET vs SEP and SET vs SE parallel amps. I really want to get into a SET amp, but must do it site unseen. Before you respond I have had a 300b and that is definitively not my cup-o-tea. My speakers are 92 db, 8ohm so no problems there. Are all SEP amp ultra-linear? Lots of questions.
You might want to start your journey with an amp like the Audio Note P2SE.At 18W,you will get a good taste of SET sound.It is a parallel set.The 45s might be another place to start,but the AN will give you a taste.It may come down to issues of bass "control" qualities.
Before you respond I have had a 300b and that is definitively not my cup-o-tea.

You have a 300B? What do you have an amp that uses 300B tubes? SET...parallel...or?? You need to be a whole lot more specific there...all amps that use 300B tubes are not alike. There are so many things that go into the design and build of any amp and the output tube is only one element. Nor are all 300B tubes amp may sound awful with Shuguang tubes and wonderful with WE's. It would probably help others help you if you specified which amp you have, which speakers you use them with, what kind of range of music you listen to, and what it is about what you have now that is "not your cup of tea," and why you are drawn to wanting to try SET (or SEP or ...).

What you've stated is kind of like saying "I really want to get a sports car. Before you say anything let me tell you that I currently have a V-8 and it's really not my cup of tea."

I'd echo Larryken's advice - SET asylum will have plenty of experience to answer a broad range of SET-specific questions.
FWIW unless you really listen near-field, not many SETs are going to work with a speaker that is only 91 or 92 db. SETs in general don't make a lot of power- 22 watts is a big one, and 22 watts will not do the job on a speaker with efficiency that low, unless you are used to listening either in a small room, close up, at low volumes, or all three.

The smaller the SET the better the sound- a decade ago the 300b was the thing to get, 5 years ago the 2A3 became more popular and nowadays you hear an awful lot about the 45 (only about a watt...). For amps like these you need 98 to 101 db minimum to really hear what they do.

The SET Asylum is where you will find the most information in one place.
I'd agree with Ralph: if you are using 300B's in a SET amp(s) putting out about 8-9 watts then your 92db speakers would be underpowered at realistic volumes with most dynamic music in anything but nearfield. That said, I listen nearfield in a modest to smallish room using 9 watt SET amps with speakers that are 92db at a pretty flat 10ohms. The only (rare) time I'd want for more power is in certain really deep bass passages. I also tend to listen to pretty sparse music (folk, vocals, smaller arrangements in classical and jazz) and don't listen to much dense music (rock, orchestral, etc.). If I listened to more of the latter material I would probably not choose SET myself.