Help identifying raw Electrovoice speaker

Just purchased a group of McIntosh tube stuff at goodwill this morning (for $100 - alot for goodwill!) and with this equipment, there were raw Electrovoice drivers that obviously been removed from an array. A tweeter marked T-35, what appears to be a midrange driver that consists of large gray (fibreglass?) horn marked "model 848 compound diffraction projector" the guts of which extend back into this horn and are marked model 849 (looks like a horn tweeter on outside extrusion) Three-way crossover marked model X336. The problem comes with the low frequency driver - it is also Electovoice (marked on voice coil cover and on installation tag) but it badge has come off the back of the magnet. What I know: 15" diameter, 9" deep, 2" voice coil, heavy chrome frame with brown medal magnet case, 32 lbs in weight. Can anyone out there tell me anything about any of this stuff? (when made, approximate value, etc) I probably will want to sell this and the McIntosh preamps (may keep the two mono tube amps)Thanks for any help in this matter.
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Go to this site and look thru the catalog pictures and see if you can match what you got. EVs are not as well known as
Altec or JBL, but they made some very impressive speakers.