Help in reassembling SME Series V tonearm

I purchased a SME Series V arm from a fellow Audiogoner a couple of months ago and received it partially disassembled. I have all the parts spread out on the dining room table (low WAF). The manual for the arm has abismal photo reproduction and I have been struggling to put old humpty back together again. Is there a site that has clear pictures of the fully assembled arm (multiple views)? Even better has someone posted a CLEAR set of pics showing mounting of the arm on a TT? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, does any audio dealer stock spare parts for the arm in North America or is it best to order them directly from SME in the UK? I need a VTA arm and dampening fluid. Thanks. Richard
The US distributor (Sumiko) has some parts. You can call them and they are helpful.

Send me an e-mail. I'll snap some pictures of my SME V on Michell Orbe SE and forward them to you.

A major thank you to Frank for not only supplying pictures of a properly set up arm but advising me on the items I had. A fanastic help!