Help installing Nagaoka MP-110 on Rega Planar 1


I'm new to vinyl and hifi, and have recently bought the Rega Planar 1, I want to upgrade the Rega Carbon Cartridge to the Nagaoka MP-110, and have one question with installing the Nagaoka MP-110.

I've researched on how to install it properly and have come across two ways of installing it:

1) From the Youtube video,  

HiViNyws channel explains you have to change the VTA Position to 27mm, and no need to add a 2mm spacer.

2) From this other Youtube video,

Vinyl Explorer explains you have to add a 2mm spacer on the tonearm but do not adjust the VTA Position

I was wondering which one will be the better option or will both of these options lead to the same results or will doing both have a better sound?

I already know I have to adjust the counterweight with a stylus pressure gauge

Any help is appreciated, thank you