Help installing Totem Claws on the Sttaf?

I recently purchased a pair of Totem Claws through this site, however I have no instructions nor do I have any idea what length screw to use. Can anyone help?
Tomorrow morning get on the phone (or, email if you are shy) to the manufacturer unless you get a quick answer from one of the Audiogon guru community, or your seller who might know.
Since your username is a new one, you may not realize that virtually every manufacturer will still respond to a product user's question, even if you are not the original purchaser.
One reviewer mentioned that each "long wood screw" inserts into the bottom surface of the loudspeaker cabinet. But, I didn't find original Totem instructions.
It is prudent to clarify the installation method by getting the instructions from the manufacturer if no current Claw user answers. May need some carpentry skill to do it correctly.