help krell circuit diagrams

boy am i going mad! heres the story,had a krell 300i had it stolen bought a 2nd hand one from tthe usa,(im in england).,was going to convert it to run on 220/240 v same as i converted my kav 250 and 300,but its a different set up and all my so called electronic genius mates cant do kit either,krell wont help they just ask for $600 to do it!its a matter of moving 3 jumpers to three of five holes,its a two minute job,can anyone help? thanks
Well, I've heard of an expensive japanese magazine called Musen and Jenkin (sp?), often called M&J, that'll often have the circuits published for ML, Krell, etc. for the die hard DIY'ers. Your model might be in an issue? Its like $250 a year subscription. The guys on might be able to help.
I agree with the above post...

Submit your question on the forum and I'm sure you'll get help. There is a lot of talent there... It shouldn't be that hard to figure out by measuring the transformer primary windings...

You might also call Krell back and ask to speak to someone who actually does their service work. They might tell you if you explain how far you are going to have to ship it and the costs involved... I assume that you inquired if they sell service manuals? That would have the info in it...

Good luck!