help me build a system for $1200

I am a medical student, and as such, already have tons of debt to begin with. That said, I've been wanting to upgrade my current system (cambridge audio CD player, squeezebox v3, a 10 year old NAD receiver, and a pair of minipod speakers that I received for free). I will probably keep the cambridge audio CD player for now.

So I've been perusing audiogon incessantly the last week or so...but can't seem to come up with a good integrated/speakers combo. I have thought about the following systems:

Onix sp-3 (for about 500-600 + onix ref 1/epos M5
musical fidelity ($700)+ quad 11L
jolida 502b + something in the 600-700 range

and this last crazy idea:

sonic impact super T amp ($150!) + an efficient speaker in the $1000 range (suggestion?)

I'd love to hear your comments.


p.s. This new system will be used almost exclusively for music. My current room is pretty small I'd say about 13x20 with 9 ft. ceiling. My musical taste is mostly indie rock...with the occasional jazz and "electronic" thrown in.
My vote would go to the Musical Fidelity X-150. Will drive most anything, and add a cheaper full range speaker to go with you musical taste, PSB?
Well I think you should keep your SB3 and just upgrade the digital out later on which combine with a decent DAC would sound alot better the Cambridge. As for integrated combo you cannot go wrong with the Onix sp3. I have it paired with GMA Europas (another speaker you should check out) with a modified SB2 and my system sounds amazing. Don't let the power rating sway you because it really has alot of ommph and drive my 90db speakers very very loud. Epos are good choice I think you can get the M12 for around 600+. Good luck.
The T amp is basically a minisystem amp. Your old NAD is worlds better. In fact, I'd recommend you keep the NAD (unless it's broken) and just buy a pair of good speakers for $1000 or so. You'll be getting much more bang for the buck.
There are lots of good choices. I've been putting together similar systems for friends, relatives and colleagues and the best bang-for-the-buck integrateds I've found are the Audio Refinement Complete and the Creek 4330R. The best small speaker for little money I've discovered is the Usher S-520.

Of course, I haven't tried everything out there but I've cycled through half a dozen amps and speakers in that price range and the ones above are the ones that I'd keep for myself if I wanted a second system.

The Sonic Impact amp is actually a pretty interesting idea as long as the speakers are efficient. I've built several modified versions of the original T amp, putting them in new cases and replacing all the parts except the board. The sound is very good but the output might not be enough for you in a room that size.
Just some cost effective thoughts: Keep your present system, add a Musical Fidelety X10 tube buffer (~275), and find a good used pair of Vandersteen 2CI's (~$400). You should notice a great bang for the buck in sound quality, and when you want to upgrade later, you should be able to sell for very close to what you paid. Happy Listening.