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copper slug
My apologies, in advance, for my cluelessness. Would you please tell me what are you planning to do with a copper "slug" and your power cord? Thanks, Happy Listening 
Benchmark DAC 1- Pre
I don't believe that the DAC 1-Pre has a USB input, which may be helpful to you in the future. For less money, you could look at the MHDT Paradisio (+?). Just my 2 cents worth. Happy Listening 
iPod, iPad, iPhone sound ?
I dont know what to make of all of this i "stuff". I know it's all the rage these days, but when I got my wife an i RON she got really angry with me. 
A very successful DIY outrigger project.
Clever. Are you planning to post a photo? 
Looking for a softer tube
Check with Andy at Vintage Tube Service's. His check process is impeccable. Tell him that you want "phono stage" tubes which are the least noisy. 
tube integrated for Vandersteen 2's
Miketuason is correct with his recommendations. Jadis Orchestra reference is another consideration but biasing that amp requires professional service unless you can do it yourself. Vandy's are wonderful speakers (I don't own them personally, but h... 
Bizzare Oppo 95 failure
Try unplugging the unit and plugging it back it. Maybe a hard "reboot" will help. Just worth a try, and hoping it helps. 
re tubing C2300 and MC2102
I agree wholeheartedly with Pdreher. Unless you have a tube tester, you should understand that there are a lot of individuals willing to sell you worn out, shorted, or otherwise defective tubes (that may have even tested NOS at some time in the pa... 
Speakers for Audio Research VT100MK2
A few years back, a friend of mine paired them with Dunlavy IV's. They sounded great. 
popping noise when turning on amp/preamp
You probably have a bad solder joint (or joints) in one or more of the interconnects. Bring them to a qualified technician (guitar amp repair shop used by professional musicians in your area) and he can check continuity a make the repair in usuall... 
popping noise when turning on amp/preamp
Just to establish a few points, first, the pre amp should be turned on first and turned off last (your preamp should always be in control of your amplifier). That said, it sounds like you have a problem in one or both of those two components. If y... 
Russian 6C33C Tube Testing and Matching
Try a local guitar/ guitar amp store. Usually those repairmen will have a tube tester. Likewise for radio/TV repairshops in your area. Good Luck. 
Is blending power tube brands recommended?
I would think that power tubes would need to be biased wheb they are put in. If you change them, you would need to set bias voltage for the different tubes. I trust you noted the locations of the oeriginal tubes. If your unit is not biased you wil... 
Can all headphones handle HIGH Volume levels?
I could not agree more emphatically with Ahendler. Listening to headphones at high volume levels can PERMANENTLY destroy your hearing. Be very cautious (seriously). 
Official fix for Project TT rumble now available
Apalling that a "stereophile quality" turntable would be marketed with audible rumble, and more apalling that the company would charge their customers for a few grommets and a replacement belt to fix what should not have been a problem in the firs...