Help me choice Audioquest speaker cables

What Audioquest speaker cables should I choice to hook up MAC C611 amps to B&W 800d3 speakers? Will be using MAC C2700 tube preamp. My dealer suggested I USE REDWOOD cables. 


Before you invest for an expensive cable connect a cheap cable to do the job. Usually dealer can install a standard cable for free after a big purchase. After that start auditioning some used high end cables if you think they sound better. Always buy a used high end cable, prices are dramatically less when you buy them used. If it doesn’t make a significant difference, try another one at another price range. Have playlist with detailed jazz songs, try same list on two different cables.

"drbay" great advise, I will ask the Dealer to supply both the 10ft demo cable and any others they have. Thx

I have B&W 800d3 also but with AQ Wildwood speaker cables, very similar to the Redwoods.  I’m pretty sure you will like the Redwoods.