help me choose speakers..Totem B&W KEF Dali

i have been comparison shopping..different shops...different amps different rooms etc etc.

I seem to be drawn to the totem sttaf were driven with marantz 7001 AVR, b&w 704 (driven with integra AVR,) dali ikon 6 (driven by mcintosh), and the KEF IQ7 driven by parasound. Each speaker represents the sound i liked best at each respective shop. I am new to this so please bear with me and give constructive comments. Obviously price points are between 800/pr to 1800 a pair (704 on sale)

My use will be 70% music from jazz (brubeck,peterson, miles..) classic rock (beatles led zep, neil young) and occasional classical.

My amplification will be bi amping from my yamaha rx-v1700, possibly upgrading with a external NAD or Rotel amp...System will start as stereo and possible expand to 5.0. I will have limited rppm for a center..makes me shy away from 704's.

thanks in advance and Flame away....
Go back to the shop you liked the most, use 1 amp on several kinds of speakers, then repost this. If you like the parasound with KEF's but not with something else, that will tell us a lot. Or, compare the KEF's with 2 amps. You are looking for either detail, warmth, openness or ???
You should insist on hearing each speaker system with the calibre of equipment they will be used with.Otherwise you won't like them,when you get them home.Necessitating an equipment upgrade.
The best thing to do is bring the speakers home for audition as long as possible with your present system. Most shops will oblige but you might have to leave credit card info - just be very careful otherwise you might own them! ; >)
I previously owned the Dali Ikon 6, used several integrateds with it: NAD 315bee, Creek Destiny and Jolida 202A. Best sound came from the Destiny, although I had to switch to warm interconnects to get the highs to settle down. It was truly excpetional for jazz, classical and even pop music. The 40 watts from the EL-34 based Jolida sounded sweet and involving, although with less detail compared to the Destiny. I initially auditioned the Ikon 6 with Rogue KT-88 based monoblock amps, had the best bass response, and had the warm, involving sound I was looking for.

I'd go with Kats suggestion, demo (I'd go with the Dali and B&W) speakers at home, you'll find the right speaker for you faster this way. Good luck.