You have to choose: Dr Feickert Woodpecker or Luxman PD-151

Dear fellow analogue lovers,

I am on the brink of purchasing a new TT, tonearm and cartridge. I mostly play easy listening, no jazz really (I am sorry!) but fair share of easy rock as well. My choice now boiled down to these 2 machines:

Luxman PD-151 with integrated Jelco tonearm

Dr Feickert Woodpecker (probably with a Reed 1H/X tonearm)

Which would you prefer and why? What should be mentioned in the comparison is that the Luxman will probably set me back EUR 4500, the Woodpecker EUR 6500 and I think that is a substantial difference. 

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Best, Erik 

Did a show with Chris. We made sure that the Stereophile folks made it to the room to hear Chris’s Turntable. This was the origin point of Feickert ’s first Stereophile review, or more (splashy part of) commercial introduction to North America.

I would take the Feickert. It’s a bit more evolved, at a minimum..

Also, Jelco is.... no more. Not such a big deal on a mechanical device like a tonearm re risk over time (parts, repairs, etc). But it should be mentioned.

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also like the color setting of the Feickert (I would go for alu top / amber-bronze sides.