Help me set this behringer stuff up properly... please

hey everyone... I recently got my hands on a couple pieces of behringer equipment, which I am using to power my cerwin vega E-712s. I have a ep1500 power amp, and a xenyx 1202fx sound board... my question is regarding which one I should be using as my volume control.... I have read forums and watched videos supporting both ways... meaning, some say to have the sound board maxed out to the point just before clipping, and then using the power am as the volume control.... and I have also read that u should crank  the power amp, and use the sound board to control your volume.... anyone have any advice, or anyone familiar with this equipment and what the best way to use it would be??? thanks in advance

I would control volume with the mixer, but I would also reduce gain a bit on the amplifier, because this is a pretty powerful beast that could destroy speakers. Doing it this way also gives you more precise control on the mixer.

yeah right now I pretty much have it set half an half.. seems to work pretty good for now, but il eventually get myself a pre-amp

thanks for the reply

Your mixer is a preamp. These days, with DACs with variable ouput, and as long as you only need digital inputs, pre amps are a superfluous species.