Help My seismic sink leaks...

I have an older Townshend CD seismic sink (no lights), that seems to have lost its ability to hold air. There's got to be a leak somewhere. I'm wondering if anybody has had any experience opening up one of these units. I removed one of the legs thinking that would be a way to start, but I don't think that's the route to go: there are no screws involved, the leg (made of rubber) just pops out of its hole. The only other way seems to be to unloosen the nut holding the air intake valve and go from there, but I'm worried about damaging the thing, or going in a direction I can't reverse.

Has anyone had experience with these? Also, there is a warning about chemicals inside that could damage the unit. Anybody know anything about this? Is there some kind of 'trick' to opening these devices?


I have a 2 chamber seismic sink. One holds air, the other doesn't. I tested by switching the valve inserts, the bad chamber now holds air, the original good chamber doesn't. About 8 months ago I emailed Townshend to get a new insert but have never gotten a reply. Hope a member can help us.
Do the smart thing and contact the US distributor, Dan Meinwald. He has the expertise and necessary materials to repair the Sinks. You can call him at 562-422-4747, or e-mail him at "". Keep in mind he will be leaving for CES next Tuesday, the 6th.