Help needed finded some connectors

Hi, I gave my daughter some excellent Denon headphones. The 1/8" stereo jack got bent when she accidentally dropped her Macbook. She saved the Macbook but not before the 1/8" male stereo plug connecting the end of the headphone cable to the computer 1/8" input got bent. Denon wanted more than the price of the headphones ($400 to fix the cable end) so I'm going to have a friend do it. But I need to find a really good 1/8" stereo male plug. Any ideas where to get a really good plug with good connectors for the headphone cable wires?

Also, I need a good connector plug to run from my LPS for my hard drive to the hard drive. It's a coaxial power plug 2.5mm x 5.5 mm. Any ideas where to get a really good one?
For the 1/8" headphone plug I'd talk to Drew @ Moon Audio. He can replace the cable and the plug w a much better than stock set up for WAY under that $$.
Cardas should make something that will work well for you. Kimber/WBT, as well. Call the Cable Company. If anyone has what you need, they will.

The hard part is actually doing the termination. I've done it myself but it took a while.
I had good luck with Drew as well, nice guy and he is fair. Shouldn't cost too much to pickup a good connector. I also do well with Parts Connexion out of Canada. Lots of DIY parts. I did a set of RCA's on a Rega turntable a few weeks back. A good soldering station and magnifying glass - I was done in 15 minutes.
A $400 dollar quote to fix the cable end is B.S. This is where High-end audio makes a bad name for itself. I'll do it for $30 bucks and it will be perfect. Some peoples kids just enjoy raping the hell out of other people's wallets.