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Recording quality by decade
In the early days of stereo, engineers were unsure what to do with the extra speaker. Sgt. Pepper was recorded on a 4 track machine. By the 70's, 16 and 24 track recorders were everywhere, and solid-state electronics had finally reached a level of... 
Tube mixing for Preamps
The Bugle Boys should be very nice. Try any combination you like, but I would do any changes in pairs- swap the first tube in both channels with 2 of the Telefunkens or Amperex, so whatever tube you use in one channel you are using the same tube i... 
Help Need Recommendation on Amp Configuration
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the 2230. I drove Dahlquist DQ-10's with mine and I think they are 89 db efficient. You don't say how big the room is - my room at that time was about 12x 14 and it would get plenty loud. 
Mitsubishi DA-M10 Power Meters
Probably because there are a bunch of people that have them with bad meters and they're justifying the cost of the meters by weighing it against replacing the amp entirely. And/ or: people who need one meter are buying two so they have a spare in ... 
Possibly controversial: Totem arro overrated?
I'm thinking placement is a good part of it as Milpai mentioned. I have Dynaudio - similar size to the Arro and they image like crazy with a powerful amp and very little toe-in. That said, imaging is one forte' of planar speakers in general- the M... 
Help needed finded some connectors
A $400 dollar quote to fix the cable end is B.S. This is where High-end audio makes a bad name for itself. I'll do it for $30 bucks and it will be perfect. Some peoples kids just enjoy raping the hell out of other people's wallets. 
Top 5 Rock n Roll Vocalists
Robert Plant Freddie Mercury Thom Yorke (Radiohead)Mike Patton (Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk) Little Richard Honorable mention: Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison,Jerry Lee Lewis, Ian Anderson(Jethro Tull), Ian Gillian(Deep Purple), David Bowie, Peter... 
Marantz 2325 Buzzzzzz
If you haven't had the unit recapped, this is likely a warning shot. The electrolytic capacitors in any electronics that are this old have reached the end of their useful life. Time to put some money / time into it or give/ sell it to someone who ... 
creative suggestion needed
If you have a model/hobby shop nearby you can get water-slide decal stock in 8 1/2 X 11 sheets. A hi-res photo of the good glass and you should be able to make a decal. I used to make my own decals by running it thru my computer printer. 
No love. Why?
I suspect that it's because they aren't exciting visually and they fall into a price point where they're below the radar for many . I had a pair of the Monitor 7 se mkii and I thought they were very good speakers. Ultimately they left the stable b... 
Kenwood L-09M Service Manual?
Check Vinylengine or Hifi enfine on the web for free service/owners manuals. You'll need to register but both sites are valuable resources. (No affiliation) 
What current speakers to use with Marantz 2230?
Used Vandersteen 1c if you can find some. In a small to medium sized room the 2230 has plenty of guts to push them. 
Marantz 2230 vs Marantz 2230B ?
I like the 2230 better- the (b) model had the whole amp on 1 circuit board if I remember correctly, and seemed a tad less structurally sound. The (b) model also had a plastic escutcheon on the source selector switch which I've seen two go bad afte... 
New tube problems - need help
Sometimes a grid resistor will fail when a tube goes. Also it's a good idea to replace the phase inverter tube when doing the power tubes (if your amp has one, that is) 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Sarah Mclaughlin for me, thanks.