Help platter required denon dp60 and Jvc ql10/tt101

I’ve been asked on behalf of a friend whether anyone might have a spare Denon DP60 platter 

and for myself a JVC TT101/QL10 platter


Well the one for the dp60 is for a friend. One of my jvc’s got damaged in transport. All the electrics were sorted and the bearing just my platter is wonky 

Probably just as inexpensive for your friend to buy a nonfunctional DP60, provided the speed sensing tape on the inner rim of its platter is ok.


i think my friend said its the tape that is damaged - many an idiot uses a screwdriver to jack up.remove the platter

It's distressingly easy to damage that tape by accident, even without a screwdriver or other dangerous tool.  Unless you know it's there and fragile before you try to remove the platter.  I was thinking that maybe the platter from a lower level Denon would also have the tape, like a DP47, etc.